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- Original company founder member and performer of Stomp, one of the most successful shows ever to come out of the UK, breaking box office records at Sadlers' Wells, Royal Festival Hall and around the rest of the world.

- Moved to New York as Artistic Director of the Original US Stomp company, now celebrating 25 years of Off Broadway success.

- First Stomp short film nominated for an Oscar in "Live Action Short" category.

- Performed at the Oscars, Grammys and recorded with Quincy Jones on the album 'Q's Jook Joint'.

- Work he has featured in has also been nominated for an Oscar and a Grammy.

- HBO Special filmed. "Stomp Out Loud".

- Took Stomp to South America. Chile, Argentina, Brasil

- Stomp based workshop tour of Brasil, visiting Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Porto Alegre, Canelas and Salvador.

- In each city workshops were given free of charge for community projects such as Afro Reggae in Vigario Geral Rio de Janeiro and Candeal Gueto Square in Salvador.

- As an opening event for the workshop tour Carl performed in a show with Tom Ze, Otto and Quinteto Violado.

- Recorded with Bate Lata.

- Carl created and performed in a show for the opening of the Johnnie Walker international marketing campaign "Keep Walking" involving selected performers from the workshop tour.

-Currently based in London, Carl is working as a session musician and enjoying playing live with some of the finest and most diverse  musicians and producers in the UK including Dalata, Diabel Cissokho, Beibei Wang, Reel People, Toni Economides. 

The workshops offered here represent a unique opportunity to work with a truly creative and accomplished professional performer of international calibre and experience.

"Giant" Seth Ullian.

"Brilliant man brilliant musician" Beibei Wang.

"Musical Powerhouse" Directors of Stomp.

"Most original and versatile percussionist in London" Patrick Forge.

"Motormouth" Quincy Jones.

There are countless imitators offering workshops and performances in this genre created by us. This is the genuine article. Look no further.

"Carl delivered an inspirational workshop to Artis' arts educators as part of our summer training programme 2019. His enthusiasm and passion were infectious and everyone was drawn in to creative music-making processes through using everyday objects, room furniture and their own bodies as percussion instruments. His approach was inclusive and allowed everyone to participate and feel proud of their achievements. The workshop led to an amazing performance which brought joy to all whether a participant or audience. Wow, what fun!"

Nigel Mainard

Director, Artis Foundation.

September 2019.

















Carl Smith's Stomp Workshops

In the wake of our celebrating an exceptional 25 years of STOMP in New York, I am currently offering workshops featuring junk and body percussion in schools, for corporate events and at masterclass level. The energy, creativity, and opportunity for learning, growth and expression in this environment is unique and without equal. Workshops are also available across a broad range of percussion instruments.




First and foremost, a Stomp workshop is FUN. Carl Smith, the workshop leader is one of the founder members and performers of Stomp. He has toured the world with the sell out show and was Artistic Director of the New York show which is still going strong after 25 years. He has extensive global experience in giving Stomp workshops, has years of experience working with children and can encourage even the shyest child to participate. The workshop appeals to all children of primary age and above.

The magic of a Stomp workshop is that no actual instruments are used. The students will learn how to make sounds with their bodies and/or junk percussion, creating a musical experience they won't have had before. They will, over the course of the workshop, quickly develop a sense of being part of a group, and encouraged to express themselves individually, especially when it comes to doing solos! In the body percussion workshop the students will use their hands, feet and any other body part which can be used to make sound and rhythm. This also involves movement, humour and some basic choreography.


  • Introductory chat with students and teachers, who are also encouraged to participate
  • Demonstration by Carl to get things started and showcase the variety of sounds/music that can be created using everyday objects and one's body
  • Warm Up- Carl leads a call and response rhythm exercise
  • Over the course of a session each group will develop a routine within their capabilities, including a section where each individual will have the opportunity to write, create and perform their own solo in front of the group
  • All involved will overcome their nervousness and have their moment in the spotlight
  • The day is usually broken down into 1-1 and a half hour sessions with groups of 15-20 children, but can be tailored to suit your individual needs. However group size is dependent on available space. Significantly larger groups can be accommodated.
  • The workshop culminates in each group giving a performance for teachers and parents so the children can show off their new skills and parents can enjoy a truly magical show.


  • Self belief and the notion that anything is possible
  • Increased productivity and wellbeing
  • Team Building
  • Creativity
  • Community Spirit
  • Confidence
  • Increased self esteem
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Fun and laughter
  • Musicality
  • Exercise and coordination


  • Workshops can vary from one hour, half a day, full day, or can be conducted over a period of days/weeks/term.
  • Fees charged will vary according to duration and clients' needs
  • As the nature of these sessions is very much bespoke, prices are negotiable
  • A variety of budgets can be catered for


Workshops for adults, Masterclasses and Corporate Events also available


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